What is a firebox anyway? Do I need one?

A Monessen vent free firebox is the perfect way to display and operate your Monessen vent free log set. While our log sets can be utilized in an existing approved wood-burning fireplace (converted with a gas line), if your home does not already have an existing fireplace, a vent free firebox is an economical way to add a fireplace to your home. Installed in either your wall or a free-standing cabinet, a vent free firebox is simply the metal combustion chamber of a traditional fireplace system, without the log set. You then add the vent free log set of your choice to complete it.

Fireboxes allow you to custom design your own fireplace

Seem complicated? Why not just buy a system? A system is a great option to have everything you need all in one easy choice but sometimes you may not like the log or liner options that comes with a system. Some Monessen vent free systems give you the option of different log sets, but with a firebox, you can choose virtually any log set your heart desires. It’s like custom designing your own fireplace!

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