Vent Free Fireboxes

Installed in either your wall or a free-standing cabinet, a vent free firebox is simply the metal combustion chamber of a traditional fireplace system, without the log set. You then add the vent free log set of your choice to complete it.


vent free gas fireplace

LoRider Designer

Vent Free Firebox

The Lo-Rider Designer vent free firebox is available as a see-through model, adding style and warmth to multiple rooms while maintaining a contemporary feel. The louverless design provides a clean exterior for an ultra sleek look.

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Vent Free Firebox

With a beautiful Monessen vent-free log set, hideaway screens and a choice of liners and add-ons, the Lo-Rider fits any style of room.

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Vent Free Firebox

Choose from trendy gray, classic brown or a modern reflective black glass for your interior. Finish it clean to the firebox and add a beautiful Monessen log set.

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Vent Free Firebox

Combined with a Monessen vent-free log set, the Exacta firebox supplies warmth and ambiance practically anywhere.

Benefits of Monessen Vent Free Products

Beautiful, affordable, easy to install and economical to operate.

Where to buy Monessen Products

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