Benefits of Hand Painted Log Sets

Authentic design, warmth and ambiance

Monessen began in 1993 with a single vent free log set. We know gas logs. We built our reputation on them. They are our fundamental passion. Our log designers and product development teams literally scour the landscape looking for unique and eye-catching examples of Mother Nature’s use of color, texture and shape. We can’t make a log better than she can, so we turn to her for inspiration. Then, our carvers replicate the look with hand tooled stacks designed to seem just like the real thing. Our material engineers are constantly innovating to find just the right formula to ensure your log set not only looks authentic, but lasts for years. Every set is hand painted to be its own masterpiece so, like snowflakes, no two are identical. You can probably find cheaper gas logs, but you won’t find better ones.

Vent Free Gas Log Sets

Available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Enhance your home with vent free gas logs

Upgrading your fireplace look is easy and affordable.