Making the Most of Your Vent Free Gas Appliance

Monessen is the industry leader in vent free gas products. A pioneer in this category, Monessen has been designing and manufacturing safe, beautiful, efficient, vent free gas heating appliances for over 20 years. We want you to enjoy your appliance from the moment you turn it on. Please keep the below in mind as you operate your vent free fireplace or log set:

Odor icon

During manufacturing and shipping, various components of this appliance are treated with certain oils, paint or bonding agents. These materials are not harmful but may produce smoke and/or odors the first time your fireplace or log set is burned. This is temporary and will dissipate. Ventilate the room well during this period of initial burn off.

Hours icon

We recommend that you burn your fireplace for a minimum of six (6) continuous hours the first time you use it. Turn the unit on high and ventilate the room during this period.

Dust icon

Vent free products utilize an open combustion system, therefore the burner and media are exposed to dust, dander, and residue from air fresheners or aerosols used in the room. Accumulation of these products on the burner, pilot, and/or media can create an odor during operation. To avoid this, be sure to clean your burner and media with a soft bristle brush or vacuum with brush attachment before operation if your fireplace has been idle for an extended period (e.g. during summer months). Always turn off your fireplace and pilot light and allow to cool before cleaning and replace all rock wool and/or media components before use.

Fan icon

Fans and drafts can alter burn patterns and create soot or extinguish the pilot flame. Avoid fans blowing into or around the unit while it is in use.

Noise icon

It is normal for fireplaces fabricated of steel to give off expansion or contraction noises during the start up or cool down cycles. Similar noises are found with your furnace heat exchanger or car engine.

Service icon

We recommend having your unit professionally serviced once a year by a qualified technician. This will keep your fireplace or log set operating at peak performance during cold winter months.