Vent Free Systems

What is a Vent Free System, you ask? So glad you did. We know in this industry there is a lot of lingo that isn’t used in your world so we want to help you understand your options and make the best choice for your home. Simply stated, a Vent Free System is a complete fireplace—a firebox (the metal shell), burner (where the gas goes) and log set (the pretty part we all ooh and aah over), with no venting or ducting required.

Installing a vent free system

Just drop it into a decorative cabinet, hook it to your gas line and in about two hours, voila! you have a fireplace. It can’t be that simple, you think. Surely there is a catch. Nope, no catch—it really is that simple. For a home with no existing fireplace but with a gas line (or the ability to add one), it really is that easy. Systems can also be installed in a wall as well, if you prefer that look. That takes a little longer and requires a bit more effort, but a vent free system is still an ideal choice—no costly venting to run. A Monessen vent free system can be installed on an interior wall or below grade structures where a vented system would be expensive, or impossible, to install.