From elegant cast iron to sleek stainless steel our stoves are a great addition to any room.

Vent free inserts are best for...

If your current fireplace makes you cringe but you can’t imagine the headache of tearing it out and installing a new one, consider a vent free insert. Designed to slide into an existing masonry or approved zero-clearance factory-built fireplace, our Solstice insert is the perfect, easy to install solution to spruce up your space and provide abundant heat.

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Easy and affordable Heat

We define easy this way: a Monessen vent free stove. There is truly no easier way to add a real flame heating appliance to your home than a vent free gas stove. Set the stove where you want it, attach your gas line and you are done. Fast and easy to install, bountiful heat even during a power outage, the beauty of a real flame. What more could you want?

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