The Benefits of Monessen Vent Free Products

No Chimney?
No Problem!

Vent Free products are an ideal solution when you want to add a fireplace to your home, without the hassle and expense of an extensive remodel.

Ideal for installations where a vented fireplace would be cost-prohibitive or even impossible, such as basements, interior walls, or multi-family units. Designed to operate without a flue or chimney, vent free fireplaces, log sets, inserts and stoves are the most efficient options for home heating available today.

How it works
Vent free hearth systems operate without an exterior venting system. They draw combustion air from inside the home and are designed to burn so efficiently (up to 99.9%) as to eliminate the need for venting.

Why are vent free products the best option to heat your home?

  • 99.9% Efficient: For every $1.00 of fuel, a Monessen vent free fireplace produces 99.9ยข of heat. No other home heating option provides this superior value.
  • Zone Heating: Most of us spend the bulk of our time in just a few rooms of our home. With a vent free appliance installed in those rooms, spare rooms can be shut off during cold winter months, mitigating the expense of home heating costs. Plus, vent free fireplaces operate even when the power is off, so you never have to worry about a cold winter night.
  • Convenient: Because there is no need for a flue or costly venting, adding a Monessen vent free product to your home can take just a couple of hours with little or no renovation required. Plus, ventless products can be installed in areas of a home, such as interior or below grade rooms, where location would make installing a vented appliance impossible or cost-prohibitive.
  • Affordable: Vent free appliances are an economical option for a homeowner who wants to add a fireplace to their home, either for supplemental heat or aesthetic appeal. Venting can easily add $1,000 or more to the cost of installing a fireplace, even without factoring in the expense of remodeling your room. Monessen products are both affordable and beautiful.
  • Attractive: Monessen vent free appliances are designed to add warmth and beauty to your home. As the leader in vent free technology, all of our products provide not only generous heat and superior value, but a gorgeous addition to your home, increasing resale value.
  • Customizable: Monessen vent free products offer a wide range of choices. Unlike vented systems, Monessen vent free products allow you to pick the perfect options for your home. You can choose your own firebox and add a log set, or opt for a complete system. Monessen systems allow you to select from a number of styles of traditional logs, trendy alternative burn media, and firebox liners to customize the unit to fit your style and space beautifully.
  • Safe: All vent free appliances are equipped with an ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) pilot, which automatically shuts off the gas to the appliance in the event the oxygen content in the room drops too low. The ODS pilot is designed to be tamper resistant so that it cannot be altered or bypassed. With over 16 million units in use, no other category of gas heating appliance has a safety record to match that of vent free gas products.