Hand Painted Logs

Authentic Design, Warmth and Ambiance

These exquisitely crafted gas log sets come in a variety of life-like wood styles and textures to create the look and feel of a real wood fire.

Complete with glowing embers and a range of BTUs to keep you cozy, vented and vent free gas logs from Monessen are a natural choice to add the ambiance of fire to your home.

The Benefits of Choosing Monessen

All of our gas log sets offer:

The Real Deal

All of our log sets are inspired by nature and hand-painted for incredible realism and life-like detail. This gives every log set a truly unique and authentic look.

Lasting Quality

We stand behind each and every log set we sell, and back them with a Lifetime Warranty.

The Latest in Log Material Technology

Vent free logs are our passion and we are always searching for the latest, cutting edge materials and techniques to provide the most exquisitely detailed, beautifully painted vent free gas logs available today.

Look for these exclusive features on select log sets

EXCLUSIVE Natural Blaze Technology

This innovative burn system provides taller, more lively flames, creating a realistic, moving fire. Achieving beautiful yellow flames instantly, Natural Blaze technology produces an authentic fire you can count on.

Exclusive Signature Command® Option

With electronic ignition, this system lights the pilot only when you turn it on, eliminating the need for a standing pilot and saving energy! It’s battery operated, so you can be assured of fireplace operation even if the power goes out. And, with 3-step flame height adjustment and optional touch screen remote, you’ll have the ultimate in fireplace control at your fingertips.

Enjoy Flexible Installation with a Vent Free Log Set

A simple and safe alternative that doesn’t require venting, a vent free gas log set from Monessen can be installed just about anywhere.